Lori Warner | Veteran Stylist

Gary Patrick Salon Cutting Educator

Lori has dedicated over 21 years of knowledge and passion here at Gary Patrick Salon. With her career start after high school, she followed after her Grandma's hairdressing talent to influence one of her own. Setting her foot prints here in Downtown Pleasanton, she continuously brings her positive presence daily.  Lori's enthusiastic approach in always evolving, leads her to be a model presence for our Cutting Education team. The excitement behind razor action in seeing the shape seamlessly fall into place is her very push. She finds her inspiration in her clients and their ideas, allowing her to flow with that feeling. Sharing, expressing and creating a path where their natural beauty is enhanced. Lori builds confidence in her teammates and clients constantly. Whether its the family bond she keeps close from home, or the second home she's built here - The growth in our salon, in her talent and in her passion feeds her soul.

"I go with my feeling, Thinking it out, and trusting that."