Gary Gemma | Owner

Gary Patrick Gemma, Founder and Owner of Gary Patrick Salon. Building his reputation in these quaint parts of the East Bay, his salon extends to over 29 years of expertise. Gary's passion in hairdressing stems from over 4 generations before him. Inspired by his grandparents, family and staff he designed a salon that brought our hair industry to the next level. Creating a place where he could transform clients hands-on, and develop each stylist to their full potential. 

Working along side of some of the biggest talents in the hair industry such as Oribe, Vaughn Acord from V76, Horst Rechelbacher from Aveda and more. Gary has been part of some of the highest Fashion Shows from Paris, to New York and San Francisco. Each show he has worked has brought more inspiration and fuel to his salon.

His style of work is catered to the individual and their needs. Listening to their vision and finding a way to bring that right to them. Whether he is behind he chair, or behind business matters, his family values and industry knowledge extends through the family he has built in Gary Patrick Salon. 


"beyond the name, is a brand that provides structure in order to flourish"

Heather Powers | Veteran

GOLDWELL Master Colorist | Hot-Heads Extension Certified 

Heather continues her knowledge in the hair industry for 20 years. 19 of them being with our salon, she thinks back to her younger years which her passion in hair started. Heather dreamed of working with animals or working in architecture.  She translates that drive in helping people and designing their hair. Heather represents an elite group of GOLDWELL Master Colorist, among the many specialties she has. She builds her background in extension, bridal and color experience. Her passion to always want to further her education lets her add that heart to our team.


"My passion has always been to make people feel better all around"


Philip Ketchum | Senior Stylist

GOLDWELL Master Stylist | Gary Patrick Salon Cutting Educator 

Philip joins Gary Patrick Salon from San Francisco where he educated at Paul Mitchell as well as handled clientele with Le Burget' Salon. As a part of our education team, he takes his passion in improving the craft of each of our assistants to better prepare them for a strong career in the hair world. His passion for music also translates to the inspiration he finds through hair. His natural progression flows as he continues to search for artistic expression. Philip custom tunes each service he does for his client based on what best suites them. He doesn't believe in trends, rather he choose to create a look that just reflects you. 


"to make someone feel special about themselves is the best gift one could offer" 



Julie's career in hair expands to over 10 years of perfecting her craft right here in Pleasanton. Making her mark at "House of Pop" in Washington within the past year. She newly returns to her Gary Patrick Salon roots with her same passion in mind. Julie's free form attitude translates into her work as a hairstylist. She sees hairdressing as a form of art. She grabs her inspiration in anything, whether it be art, nature or lifestyles. Julie continues to walk to the beat of her own bass in hair and fashion. Finding a way to rock what makes you feel good, and giving you a look you could never imagine is exactly what kind of stylist she is. 


IMG_6495 2.jpg

"I break the rules and constantly think outside of the box"

Nicole Medina | Mid-Level Stylist

Nicole is a special link to Gary Patrick Salon, with many years of freelance work she directed her career to continue to bloom in our salon. As a stylist behind the chair and an active manager behind the desk, her strong work ethic strives as a heart beat to our salon. Inspired by connecting with her clients on a different level daily, her urban girly style is fueled by bringing instant happiness to the classic beauty. Understanding the importance of being well versed in color and cut her success comes from enhancing their confidence within and allowing them to rock her work outside these doors. Her vivacious spirit is a key point in what brings a client to her chair and what keeps our staff's motivation at the highest. Her passion shines through whether its in building our brand or completing your look, she does anything in her power to make it successful.






"we build with others, through their hair, through our similarities"


Austin Brown | Mid-Level Stylist

Color Educator for Gary Patrick Salon

Austin Brown has planted his career right here in Pleasanton, for the past 4 years. Leading our Color Education Team. He expresses his love for hair, spanning from his mom's past career in hairdressing as well as growing up with three sisters who loved fashion. Finding a way to make his clients personality pop and their uniqueness bloom. He embraces the simplicity in natural beauty. His casual, but sheik style inspires our new assistants to find their uniqueness with color. His role behind education comes from intermixing art and science together. When asked what keeps him coming back, he explains the connections he forms with clients has all the meaning. 


"art and expression, that's what makes beautiful color"

Olivia Totman | Mid-Level Stylist

Olivia joins our Gary Patrick Salon Team in 2018. Hair dressing intrigued her dating back to when she found her inspiration in the glamour and confidence her mother was given by her hairdresser. She sought to find that same niche that would allow her to transform people with any look. From start to finish Olivia’s sweet spirit values making sure each client is heard, from then she custom tunes each service to your personal style. Olivia takes on any multi-dimensional, creative color or challenging style you see fit. Her one goal is to create a look that brings out the magic in how you hold yourself.


“the key to hair is having a plan thats followed through”

Taylor Linn | Mid-Level Stylist

Taylor returns to Gary Patrick Salon after taking the time to travel the globe, which added to her revitalized passion in creating beautiful work to you. With 11 years of experience, she finds her love for art and different expression in tailoring to each face shape, texture and hair type. Her inspiration is fueled by enhancing the naturalness of her client or evolving hair color as the seasons go. Taylors bright eyed and bubbly spirit reflects in all work she does. She uses her adventurousness and willingness to step out of the box to transform. Travel and the experiences from, build to her education as she grows with her clients to any season they want to reflect.


“the world can always have a little more beauty in it”

Amber Marquez | JR-Stylist


Amber joined our team and started her hair journey with us in 2015. Pleasanton native and sweet soul, Amber felt Gary Patrick Salon would be her best fit. Inspired by the beauty industry and passionate to make a mark in the fashion world, she started in her earlier years practicing hair and makeup on her closest friends for their special events. As a new artist to the floor, Amber finds all style of mastery exciting. She loves the idea behind completing the look, and sees her personal fashion style translate through it. She favors the chance to take her clients lighter, and lives for creative colors or sun-kissed balayage's.  Amber vision's hair as a forever changing canvas that can improve with each visit. 


IMG_0904 2.jpg

"confidence as a stylist is that finishing touch"


Aspiring Assistants

Our talented stylist are supported by our amazing assistants who let their schedules flow with ease. Our Assistants handle washes, blowouts and styling. These two amazing assistants are introduced to our team in hopes to become stylist on our floor one day. Assistants are allowed to handle clientle of their own for education purposes. Please check in with our front desk to watch if any of these talented individuals make their way on to our floor!