Gary Gemma | Owner

Gary Patrick Gemma, Founder and Owner of Gary Patrick Salon. Building his reputation in these quaint parts of the East Bay, his salon extends to over 29 years of expertise. Gary's passion in hairdressing stems from over 4 generations before him. Inspired by his grandparents, family and staff he designed a salon that brought our hair industry to the next level. Creating a place where he could transform clients hands-on, and develop each stylist to their full potential. 

Working along side of some of the biggest talents in the hair industry such as Oribe, Vaughn Acord from V76, Horst Rechelbacher from Aveda and more. Gary has been part of some of the highest Fashion Shows from Paris, to New York and San Francisco. Each show he has worked has brought more inspiration and fuel to his salon.

His style of work is catered to the individual and their needs. Listening to their vision and finding a way to bring that right to them. Whether he is behind he chair, or behind business matters, his family values and industry knowledge extends through the family he has built in Gary Patrick Salon. 


"beyond the name, is a brand that provides structure in order to flourish"